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HIHHogwarts Is Here (fan network)
HIHHand in Hand (various locations)
HIHHope It Helps
HIHHigh Impact Halo (gaming website)
HIHHot in Here
HIHHis/Her Imperial Highness
HIHHalloween Is Here (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
HIHHypertensive Intracerebral Hemorrhage
HIHHow's It Hanging?
HIHHospital in Home
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Holiday Island Development wasn't able to wait for HIH to come up with the money to buy the properties.
The HIH event is on Tuesday at the Durham Centre, Belmont.
Charges: Convicted in October 2005 on six counts of giving a series of cash benefits to influence an HIH agent and seven counts of publishing false or misleading statements with intent to obtain financial advantage.
In a statement yesterday, Laing said: "Given that the revised HIH offer represents superior value for ordinary shareholders, the Laing board believes it is appropriate to withdraw its recommendation of the Allianz offer and instead recommends that all Laing ordinary and preference shareholders accept the revised HIH offer.
In a bid to grab market share, HIH dashed its premiums to uneconomic.
This Article looks across these six cases--WorldCom, Enron, Lincoln Savings, HIH, EIEI, and BCCI--and attempts to identify common threads that might help prevent similar disasters in the future.
HIH agreed to insure the investors in the production of a series of films for television.
In other news, HIH Casualty and General Insurance (HIH), has indicated that it will not cover passengers left out of pocket if Impulse Airlines goes bust.
Heath by a group of 12 underwriters led by Oz-based HIH Casualty & General.
He started his career as an Associate to the Honourable Justice Lander and has worked as counsel assisting in the Royal Commission into the Collapse of HIH in 2001.
The reception was marked by the presence of HIH Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan and UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova who watched traditional Japanese dances and songs.