HIHIHuntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative (Long Island, NY)
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To test this, behavioural ecologist Rose Thorogood studied a population of Hihi birds.
Hihi are nectar-feeders that declined to near extinction after European colonization of New Zealand and survived on a single island refuge (Hauturn).
Because disease in hihi is closely monitored, the outbreak indicates that S.
Typhimurium DT195 isolated from hihi in the February 2006 outbreak were indistinguishable from those isolated from the human case-patient in 2006 (see [2] for methods).
Typhimurium DT195 to hihi caused a substantial drop in their population (Figure).
It is unknown whether the pathogen resides in resistant hihi or whether threats from the unknown source remain.
5 acres) from the bank for up to USD 120,000, deed the property to HIHI, then use the balance of USD 80,000 to buy fully developed prime land within the Holiday Island Shopping Center, and later convert it to income-producing property.
Il s'agit de Reda Hajji et Driss Mzamzi du club maarifien du BSM, Mohamed Fermaoui et Rachid Hihi du club rbati de l'ASR.
HIHI the New Zealand stitchbird (Dictionary of New Zealand English)