HIHIPHEDL Identification Human Interaction Program
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When I was a boy of five or six, I would see Tatay in front of our makeshift stone stove in Gulod, holding a hihip (an improvised blowpipe fashioned from a scrap PVC asbestos pipe).
He added firewood and used the hihip again to make sure the firewood kept burning.
Mag- and -um- do not enjoy full generality of employment as verbalizing prefixes; their use is mandated by the lexicon, not syntax: (8) (15) from the root pili 'choose': pumili 'to choose' *magpili lura 'spit': lumura 'to spit' *maglura laro 'play': *lumaro 'to play' maglaro hihip 'blow': humihip 'to blow' *maghihip kanser 'cancer': *kumanser 'to suffer from cancer' magkanser luto 'cook': * lumuto 'to cook' magluto bilis 'speed': bumilis 'to speed, go fast' *magbilis