HIIHealth Improvement Institute
HIIHealth Information Infrastructure
HIIHidden Immunity Idol (Survivor TV show)
HIIHarrington Investments Inc (Napa, CA)
HIILake Havasu City, AZ, USA (Airport Code)
HIIIonized Atomic Hydrogen (chemistry)
HIIHealth Informatics Initiative
HIIHorner Insurance, Inc (Christiansburg, VA)
HIIHealth and Insurance Integrated (consulting company; India)
HIIHealth Industry Insights (International Data Corporation)
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HanRui has granted a keepwell and liquidity support deed and a deed of equity interest purchase undertaking to ensure HII has sufficient assets and liquidity to meet its obligations under the guarantee for the proposed US dollar notes.
With 18 properties in its portfolio, HII will launch three this year in Quezon City, Ortigas and Makati.
We have been working with HII for over two years on producing a solution for managing their compliance program across the enterprise, said Ivis CEO Chris Lank.
The new division will be led by Andy Green, who will serve as an executive vice president of HII and president of HII Technical Solutions, reporting directly to HII president and CEO Mike Petters.
HII Technical Solutions reflects the consolidation of Camber with several of HII's existing subsidiaries, including AMSEC, Continental Maritime of San Diego, Newport News Industrial, SN3, Undersea Solutions Group and UniversalPegasus International.
HII executives talked about the numbers today during a conference call they held to discuss first-quarter earnings with securities analysts.
Add Kellye's demonstrated talent and experience to that of Chuck Monroe, who has proven legal excellence at HII as well as great capacity for collaboration, and you get a great combination that bodes well for HII's future.
In the old theoretical model, a high-mass star forms and the HII region lights up and begins to expand.
The California Nebula, NGC 1499, in Perseus is a large HII region--around 2x1[degrees];
The standard tiles will be cut by water-jet, but HII will also be producing a premium line, which will be beveled and polished.
It doesn't belong to any political party, but we are made up of all the old groups," said Faizanullah Faizan, a former governor and former senior HII commander.
The HII researchers will conduct and release research on attacks as they are uncovered.