HIIDEHandheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment (Marine Corps)
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HIIDE 5 and a new middleware application were introduced in early July, representing several industry firsts that set a new standard for speed and efficiency and an expansion of the addressable market for HIIDE.
Building off of our unparalleled HIIDE success with more than 12,000 units in the field, we developed the HIIDE 5 system in conjunction with a customer to introduce a device that marries a small form factor with enhanced capabilities for quickly identifying and enrolling large numbers of people in the field," said Robert V.
The balance of the revenue growth is expected to come from identified Federal and International new business opportunities including HIIDE solutions, facial recognition solutions, new travel initiatives and international civil identity programs.
Lastly, this month's note provides an update on a handheld biometric device, aka HIIDE, and an article on new linguist contracts.
Industry tests affirm the top-tier performance and accuracy of the L-1 Daugman iris algorithm that is incorporated into the ABIS platform and enables on-board matching of multiple modalities on the HIIDE and iris capture with PIER units.
The system works for its intended purpose, but unfortunately the data stored in the HIIDE cannot be pulled out and used for an external census database to be kept on a normal SIPR computer.
The contract includes more than 1,000 HIIDE devices along with other L-1 hardware, software, services, and a three year maintenance and support program.
The biometrics division performed well, we continue to see new opportunities for our HIIDE, and our software is the standard for Department of Defense biometric database requirements.
0 million in task orders from multiple customers for 1,460 PIER and PIER-T iris enrollment and recognition devices, 535 HIIDE Expansion Module (EM) Jumpkits and more than 10,000 batteries for biometric devices.
The demand for HIIDE biometric enrollment and recognition devices continued with the Company receiving a $4.
2 million task order for HIIDE mobile biometric recognition devices to be deployed in areas of conflict as part of an existing customer agreement.
Foremost of all, all military-age males were entered into the HIIDE (Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment) biometric data system.