HIIOHarvested Information Illegally Obtained
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He was Georg Friedrich Poschmann (1768-1812) (Levickij 1903:371-374, Siilivask 1982:158, 162, Hiio and Piirimae 2007:177) who had obtained the degree magister philosophiae at the University of Leipzig in 1789.
The first professor of the Chair of the History, Statistics and Geography of Russia, especially of Estland, Livland, Kurland and Finland was Adam Christian Gaspari (1752-1830) (Levickij 1903:505-510, Siilivask 1982:160, 163, Hiio and Piirimae 2007:180), who worked in Tartu in 1803-1809.
The graduate of the the University of Gottingen Johann Philipp Gustav Ewers (1781-1830) (Levickij 1903:374-375, Siilivask 1982:160, 161, 164, Hiio and Piirimae 2007:180), came to Livland to be a teacher in an aristocratic family in 1803.
Friedrich Karl Hermann Kruse (1790-1866) (Levickij 1903:377, 640, Siilivask 1982:158, (1) Hiio and Piirimae 2007:178) was elected Professor of General History until 1828.
Already in 1853 at the Faculty of History and Linguistics, a separate Chair of Russian History was established with the graduate of the University of Moscow Petr Efimovic Medovikov (1816-1855) (Levickij 1903:537-539, 641, Siilivask 1982: 161, Hiio and Piirimae 2007:180) as its first professor.
In the Chair of General History--already at the Faculty of History and Linguistics--professor Kruse was followed by the graduate of the University of Tartu Carl Albert Ratlef (1810-1895) (Levickij 1903:383-387, Hiio and Piirimae 2007:178), who had studied in Tartu in 1828-1832 and graduated from the university as a Candidate of Philosophy 1832.