HIJINGHeavy Ion Jet Interaction Generator
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It may also be noticed from the table that the experimental values of c are quite close to those predicted by HIJING. It is worthwhile to mention that the values of multifractal specific heat obtained in the present study are close to those obtained by us [87] by analysing some of these data sets using Takagi's approach [88].
Spectra for all the data sets (real and HIJING) are noticed to follow the general characteristics of occurrence of peaks at [[alpha].sub.0] and a common target at an angle of 45[degrees] at f([[alpha].sub.1]) = [[alpha].sub.1].
The widths of the f([[alpha].sub.q]) spectrum ([[alpha].sub.max] - [[alpha].sub.min]) for various data sets (real and HIJING) are also calculated and presented in Table 3.
(3) The scaling observed with the experimental data is nicely supported by HIJING model.
Wang, "HIJING 1.0: A Monte Carlo program for parton and particle production in high energy hadronic and nuclear collisions," Computer Physics Communications, vol.
Caption: Figure 1: Variations of entropy normalized to maximum rapidity, S/[Y.sub.m], with [eta]-window width normalized to maximum rapidity, [DELTA][eta]/[Y.sub.m], for the Experimental (a) and HIJING events (b).
Caption: Figure 2: Variations of [S.sub.max] with ln [E.sub.total] for the experimental and HIJING events.
Caption: Figure 3: Variations of S/[S.sub.max] with <n>/[<n>.sub.max] for the experimental and HIJING event samples.
Caption: Figure 4: Dependence of [D.sub.q] on q for experimental and HIJING events.
Caption: Figure 5: [D.sub.q] versus ln(q)/(q - 1) plots for the experimental and HIJING data at various energies.