HILATHigh Latitude satellite
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(52) Donanma-yi Humayun tercumani olan Aleksandiri'nin Divan-i Humayun tercumanligi'na tayiniyle bos kalan donanma tercumanligi'na Eflak voyvodasi esbak Nikola Karaca'nin ortanca oglu Yanko Karaca'nin Kaptan-i Derya Huseyin Pasa'nin tayin yazisi ile terfi ettirilmesi ve hilat (kaftan) giydirilmesi ve bu konuda padisahin "ilbas-i hilat oluna" yazisiyla iznin verilmesi hakkinda bkz.
Hilat Al-Sad landslide is located (GPS UTM: 2610155 N, 0655701 E) in Al-Wattayah area of Muscat region.
It sits directly above hilat and bat in the two respective Arcturan translations; so, perhaps the word ghirok is ambiguous, like the English word bank.
It is the successor of a similar instrument that was launched in 1983 aboard a Defense Nuclear Agency satellite called HILAT, said to have been the first ever to observe the aurora in full daylight.
Awasr has established a foothold in Muscat with subscribers spread over Seeb, Al Khoudh, Ma'abela, Al Hail - North and South, Shatti al Qurm, Al Manouma, Mawaleh - North and South, Wadi al Lawami, Azaiba, Ghubra, Hamriya, Darsait, Wattayah, Wadi Adai, Hilat al Sadd, Qurm, Madinat al Ilam and Wadi Kabir areas.
Eight members of the association were reportedly forced into Land cruisers before being taken to the NISS offices in Khartoum's Hilat Hamad area.
This came during a ceremony organized by the ministry Sunday at the Hilat KOKO Research Center, in the presence of the Assistant of the President of the Republic Jalal Yousuf Al-Degair and the Minister of Livestock Dr.
Mada guft: ja-yi ta'ammul ast agar darya dar mawj ayad va bacaganra dar rubayad anra ce hilat tavan kard).
The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) has opened water distribution networks in the Yeti area of the Governorate of Muscat, which includes Hilat al Hisn and Yeti and its related areas, the Gulf of Muscat Project and Barr al Jissah Resort, whose implementation was recently completed.