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Of course, Hilda is Irish,--the Burgoynes have been stage people for generations,--and she has the Irish voice.
He's been wanting to marry Hilda these three years and more.
He had not thought of Hilda Burgoyne for years; indeed, he had almost forgotten her.
And respecting language, I willingly hold communication in that spoken by my respected grandmother, Hilda of Middleham, who died in odour of sanctity, little short, if we may presume to say so, of her glorious namesake, the blessed Saint Hilda of Whitby, God be gracious to her soul!''
At Whitby there was a monastery ruled over by the Abbess Hilda. This was a post of great importance, for, as you know, the monasteries were the schools and libraries of the country, and they were the inns too, so all the true life of the land ebbed and flowed through the monasteries.
"The Princess Hilda from Southampton, tomorrow at midnight," he repeated thoughtfully.
"My wife's brother," Ridley explained to Hilda, whom he failed to remember, "has a house here, which he has lent us.
"Hilda was here to-day," she suddenly resumed, as if they had never mentioned happiness.
Adair's mother had returned from Australia to undergo the operation for cataract, and she, her son Ronald, and her daughter Hilda were living together at 427 Park Lane.
THE league programme came to a close as St Hilda's were brushed aside by the Miners in the only remaining fixture.