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HILTHigh Intensity Language Training
HILTHandbook for Information Literacy Teaching (Cardiff University; Cardiff, Wales, UK)
HILTHackney Independent Living Team (UK)
HILTHawaii Island Land Trust (est. 2001; Kealakekua, HI )
HILTHuman-Induced Land Transformations (project; USGS)
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"By my hilt!" cried the other, "if you were to cross the narrow sea you would find them as thick as bees at a tee-hole.
"Well sung, by my hilt!" shouted the archer in high delight.
By my hilt! camarades, I think that I may let my plunder speak for itself."
By my hilt I believe that the men of England are all in France already, and that what is left behind are in sooth the women dressed up in their paltocks and hosen."
Pulling out the sword with his disengaged hand, he flung it from him, the moonlight glinting upon the jewels of its hilt and the unsullied steel of its blade.
I have worn it in my turn and it has sometimes not been disgraced when the hilt was in my hand and the sheath at my side.
He bowed his head behind his master, and without stirring held hilt up over his right shoulder a long blade in a silver scabbard.
From the window, that commanded a view of the whole Place, D'Artagnan saw, with interior satisfaction, that such of the musketeers and guards as found themselves involved in the crowd, were able, with blows of their fists and the hilts of their swords, to keep room.
The fellow was a marvellous swordsman and evidently in practice, while I had not gripped the hilt of a sword for ten long years before that morning.
The hilt of his sword must have struck my head, for with the impact of the corpse I lost consciousness.
She saw the hand of the creature's rykor creeping stealthily toward the hilt of its dagger.
They wore swords with beautiful hilts, either of silver, or sometimes of polished steel, inlaid with gold."