HIMLHerald Investment Management Limited (fund management company; London, UK)
HIMLHuman Intelligence Markup Language
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A 15-year-old boy charged with shooting dead three students appears in court today, when his lawyer will call for himl to be allowed to plead guilty due to mental illness.
A kinderlidl, vos di kleyne meydlekh zingen, Vos hot zikh umbavustzinik farkritst In altns moyekh mitn vort un nign: "Farvig mikh tsum shlofin mayn alt-Kentoky heym, Un dek mikh tsu mit Diksis bloyen himl. " (162) [a lullaby that small girls sing, Recorded unconsciously In the old mans mind, repeats itself: "Rock me to sleep in my old Kentucky home, And cover me with Dixies blue sky."] (156) The conclusion of the epic poem thus combines two elements: the scenic description of the death of the founder of the family dynasty and the hovering presence of the younger generation.
(11) On the subject of the anonymous Astanganighantu, probably from 800-1000 (HIML IIa, 118-19), Meulenbeld states that the scholar Priya Vrat Sharma takes the presence of references to civet (puti) as indicative of the date of this text as later than 800 (HIML IIa, 118).
Perhaps the earliest references to civet in a text on perfumery are found in a number of recipes contained in a fascinating and rather difficult text called the Girdle of Hara, the Haramekhala, composed in Prakrit by a certain Mahuka or Madhuka and dating most probably from the ninth or tenth centuries of the Common Era, possibly written in what is modern day Rajasthan (HIML IIa, 134-35).
(10.) Fortunately, Meulenbeld's magisterial History of Indian Medical Literature (HIML) has now made exploring these materials far easier than previously.
(11.) For the civet cat reference see HIML la, 229; lb, 345 n.
(36) Instead of an introduction, he published his poem, "Isvishn himl un ayz" ("Between Sky and Ice"), glorifying the expedition of the SS Cheliuskin.
The sultan had demanded of Frankish traders in Alexandria that they buy his pepper at 130 dinars per load (himl), a 160 percent increase over the Cairo price of fifty dinars.