HIMMHigh Interactive Multi Media
HIMMHe is My Master
HIMMHistogrammic In-Motion Mapping
HIMMHorizontal Injection Molding Machine
HIMMHorizon International Medical Missions (Savannah, GA)
HIMMHandover-Independent Mobility Management
HIMMHoger Instituut Maria Middelares (Dutch: Mary Mediatrix Institute; Belgium)
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The sample below (17) of one of the most important East Midland texts, the Ormulum, written in North Lincolnshire (NEM) contains 14 spellings with metathesis (in the total of 27 [rV/Vr] forms), 9 of which are cases of permanent metathesis: 17) patt illke chaff patt helle fir shall baernenn (1529) Hali3 Gast is hali3 fir, patt baernepp i patt herrte (10452) Alls iff pe33 karrte waerenn of wheless fowwre (48) Hit swipe brihhte shinepp (2138) pa presshesst tu pin corn wipp fle33 (1500) pa winndwesst tu pin prosshenn corn (1530) patt all patt shaffte pat wass wrohht Wass lif inn himm pe wrihhte (18780) Godd ...
Modelo de maturidade da HIMMS para o registo medico electronico
A HIMMS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) criou um modelo de adopcao que permite identificar os diferentes estadios de maturidade do RME, desde sistemas departamentais auxiliares limitados ate ambientes de RME sem papel (Tabela IV).
healthcare facilities conducted by HIMMS Analytics shows that security breaches have steadily increased over the last six years.
According to HIMMS Analytics, the increase is likely due to a more accurate picture of security and privacy than had previously existed within the industry.
He was the Chair of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMMS) Long Term Care Special Interest Group, and the Vice Chair of the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators (AANAC).
Additionally, AN-143, Recommended Safety Guideline for Entrained Gas Processing in Horizontal Injection Molding Machines (HIMMs), provides for the design, installation, and application of an entrained gas process on HIMMs.
The Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMMS) shared results of their leadership survey from their 12th Annual Meeting that revealed that nearly 60% of provider respondents have made HIPPA compliance their top priority for the next year.
Long forgotten in one of our office's dusty files sat a copy of the 1990 HIMMS proceedings.
topics discussed at HIMMS sessions in 1990 include optical-disk storage, voice recognition, online medical records, intelligent cards, wireless remote terminals and handwriting recognition.
“As a member and participant in the HIMMS EHRA Association, we're excited to be named a recipient of this prestigious award that was bestowed on a select few industry leaders in the EHR arena,” said VersaSuite CEO Darius Samani.