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HIMSHospital Information Management System (software)
HIMSHealth Information Management System
HIMSHamdard Institute of Management Sciences
HIMSHuman Intervention Motivation Study
HIMSHole in My Shoe (song)
HIMSHuman Information Management System
HIMSHis Imperial Majesty's Ship
HIMSHousing Information Management System
HIMSHubble Imaging Michaelson Spectrometer
HIMSHydrographic Information Management System
HIMSHomeland Incident Management System
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I think they were chosen because of him being in Afghanistan and them being sisters.
The Homeless Information Management System, or HIMS, was an interorganizational management information system to support management and evaluation of homeless client service programs.
Blue (2011), drawing on information from the Coding Workforce Shortfall report commissioned by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), makes the point that while there are challenging times ahead for our profession there is also an 'outstanding opportunity for HIMs to establish themselves and the profession at the leading edge of healthcare reform'.
HIMS developed its line of notetakers to equip blind persons for higher productivity in the classroom or in the workplace.
"So, what is a HIM?" One of the challenges that I have observed, and many colleagues have attested to, is that HIMs are rarely able to provide a simple answer to this question.
Ms Hims believes children are often more focused and better behaved when they are taken outside.
LAHORE -- Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)'s project Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) has successfully registered 3.2M patients till date and 13.2M medicines have been dispensed.
Preparing the data for NMDS requires further transformation, and as this work involves all major datasets--admitted, emergency, elective, outpatient, mental health and establishment (agency information)--it takes a team of people comprising both HIMs and non-HIMs to produce.
Fiona Hims, head of science at the independent preparatory school, which takes pupils from Solihull as well as Birmingham, said: "The children had a great time and learned how science lessons and experiments relate to the real world.
His mother,Sandra Thompson,arrived home after work at about 7pm to find hims lumped on the floor in his bedroom.
The prosecution at Warwick Crown Court had claimed David Ryan James was captured by a secret camera stealing from the safe at the Julie Hims practice in High Street, Rocester, where he worked as a locum, on nine occasions last year.
Contract awarded for Information management system (hims)