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HIMSHealth Information Management System
HIMSHamdard Institute of Management Sciences
HIMSHuman Intervention Motivation Study
HIMSHole in My Shoe (song)
HIMSHuman Information Management System
HIMSHis Imperial Majesty's Ship
HIMSHubble Imaging Michaelson Spectrometer
HIMSHousing Information Management System
HIMSHydrographic Information Management System
HIMSHomeland Incident Management System
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Some examples have been published in recent volumes, by both HIMs and other researchers and health professionals working with health data.
LIVERPOOL's d Wembley last ad i Liverpool's doctor travelled to Wembley last Friday night to adminster the injection to allow him to play in the Euro 2016 qualifer against Lithuania, and then national team boss Roy Hodgson excused him the trip to Italy so he could recover for the Arsenal game.
Ultimately, unfounded reports of Patz's involvement in child-prostitution rings, and purported sightings of him in pornographic videos and snuff films, received far more media attention than the stalled narrative of the FBI's investigation.
The honour came just four weeks after the girls welcomed home their dad Petty Officer Naval Nurse Gary Hims from a sixmonth tour in Afghanistan.
Can't help thinking Lions will stick with him, possibly as captain.
The officials then further angered the home side moments later when Graeme Shinnie appeared to take Goncalves' legs way from him inside the box right in front of linesman Graham McNeillie.
Visionary director Roland Emmerich, creator of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day, outdoes hims self with this jaw-dropping epic that's packed with breathtaking action sequences and groundbreaking special effects that must be seen to be believed
In a statement issued by West Midlands Police, Mr Lovell admitted that the circumstances of Ryan's death had caused himS to rethink his approach to life.
Ten birdies in a closing 62 swept himS from six behind to two in front, but compatriot Peter Hedblom was still out on the course and hit back to win by one.
However, Chennai Airport officials sensed something amiss from with his appearance and refused hims entry into India.
And, in enthusiastic fashion well rehearsed during his time in South Wales, Martinez is confident he cannot only achieve his ambitions - but do it by playing the same brand of football that helped hims succeed with Swansea.
30p David ar for hims on the b takes ad makes a addictio hurdle, a between become 8 Out of 10 Cats (10.