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HIMUHigh U/Pb Mantle
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Himu says that even since being freed, he has struggled to get his life and business back on track.
Rocks from this plume would have a high (and highly misleading) ratio of lead-206--the same fingerprint that typically distinguishes HIMU rocks.
The term a'ni is an intensifying adverbial meaning "a lot/a great deal," and himu is an indefinite pronoun which can refer to animate or inanimate objects without distinction of gender, and it translates as "someone or something."(11) Linguist Ekkehart Malotki in his book Hopi Time illustrated various uses of the term a'ni, and I have chosen two examples of the a'ni himu combination (hiitu in sentence 2 is the accusative form):
The HIMU OIB is usually thought to be connected to the active mantle upwelling (mantle plume).
(2005), have drawn attention to the fact that data from arc magmas are either spread along or above the join between DM and HIMU (Fig.
Author(s): George Rodrigues, MD, FRCPC, MSc, Padraig Warde, FRCPC, MB, Tom Pickles, MD, FRCPC, Juanita Crook, MD, FRCPC, Michael Brundage, MD, FRCPC, MSc, Luis Souhami, MD, FRCPC, Himu Lukka, MD, FRCPC
They indicate that OIB mantle sources represent mixtures between mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB) mantle and four other mantle components: EM1 (enriched mantle 1), EM2, HIMU (High U/Pb = Hi [mu]) and FOZO (FOcal ZOne).
Author(s): Himu Lukka, MD, FRCSC [1], Tricia Waldron, MSc [2], Joseph Chin, MD, FRCSC [3], Linda Mayhew, MA [2], Padraig Warde, MD [4], Eric Winquist, MD, FRCSC [3], George Rodrigues, MD, FRCPC, MSc [3], Bobby Shayegan, MD, FRCSC [5]
Cheung, MD, FRCSC [1], Himu Lukka, MD, FRCSC [3], Sergio Faria, MD, FRCSC [4], Laurence Klotz, MD, FRCSC [5]
Author(s): Himu Lukka, MBCLB, FRCP(UK), FRCR(UK), FRCPC
For example, Himus and Hinchley (1924) performed tests on evaporation by natural convection as well as with forced airflow and gave formulas for both cases.