HINFHealth Information Science (University of Victoria school of study)
HINFHaemophilus Influenzae
HINFHousing Initiative of North Fulton (Roswell, GA)
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Este fragmento amplificado digerido con la enzima de restriccion Hinf I permitio la diferenciacion genotipica del ganado bovino criollo.
El producto amplificado se sometio a digestion enzimatica con la enzima de restriccion Hinf I (7), separandose posteriormente por electroforesis horizontal en gel de agarosa al 2% en buffer Tris-EDTA-borato 1x.
Yang, "Relaxed stability condition and state feedback Hinf controller design for T-S Fuzzy System", Int.
Restriction enzymes and expected fragment sizes Restriction Expected DNA SNP Enzyme fragments M680I Hinf I Wild; 126 bp+234 bp Mutant; 360 bp M694V Hph I Wild; 195 bp+23 bp Mutant; 218 bp M694I Pag I Wild; 195 bp Mutant; 182 bp+13 bp V726A Alu I Wild; 360 bp Mutant; 320 bp+40 bp SNP: single-nucleotide polymorphism; bp: base pair Table 2.
Then, 10 [micro]L target insert fragments (about 1,500 bp) were digested by 3U restriction endonuclease Hinf I (TaKaRa) [13, 14] and Pst I (TaKaRa) [15] at 37[degrees]C for 2h.
TABLE 1: Primer sequences and genotype differences after Hinf I enzymatic digestion of MTHFR C677T polymorphism.
Balas, "Application of Hinf fault detection and isolation to a Boeing 747-100/200 aircraft," in Proceedings of the AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, vol.
With help of three four-base-cutting endonucleases, Hinf I, MspI, and Rsal on COI gene, Hashimoto et al.
Section 3 introduces a Hinf parameter ID technique developed for the time-varying system.
Los productos de la amplificacion de cada aislamiento fueron digeridos con las enzimas Hinf I, HaeIII, HpaII y MspI; en donde 4 [micron]L del producto de PCR fue mezclado con 1,5 [micron]L de tampon, 8,5 [micron]L de agua destilada y 1 [micron]L de cada enzima; se dejo incubar a 37[grados]C por 2 horas.
Following digestion with the restriction endonuclease Hinf I, the genotypes included CC (117 bp), CG (117 bp, 94 bp, and 23 bp), and GG (94 bp and 23 bp).
1 :Low 2:Med 3:High technology HINF: Lack of Information on 0: Not exp.