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HIOSHigh Performance Input Output System
HIOSHigh Intensity Optical Source
HIOSHardware-Independent Operating System
HIOSHigh Island Offshore System, LLC
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Table 2 contains the characteristics of Medicaid HIOs.
Like all HIOs (except Monterey), this program includes partial capitation.
HIOs need to work closely with stakeholders and communicate well to obtain their trust, which will be essential for a successful outcome.
HIOs should anticipate that resolving privacy and security issues take longer than resolving technology issues.
ForSITE was launched in June 2001 and has been managed by Hios since its inception.
Making these IT professionals as effective in their jobs as possible is our mission," said Hios.
offshore area, where several gas processing plants have facilities to separate condensate from natural gas volumes moved on five key offshore gas pipeline systems: UTOS, HIOS, Stingray, Pelican and Transcontinental North High Island.
HIO (ochers which have a honeycombed and duplex structure and high specific surface area) is among the earliest pigments used by mankind, derived from naturally tinted clay containing mineral oxides (15), (16).
The purpose of this work is to induce efficient multi-functional polymer composite nanofibers with anti-bacterial and bacterial decontamination properties as well as good mechanical property using HIO with high absorption property and SA with anti-bacterial property considering various potential applications such as clinical, environmental, biomedical, protective clothing, and other areas.
HIO identifies known and emerging health threats everywhere Soldiers go and provides information on how to counter them.
As the HIO Society's first link to market, the Web site will facilitate communication, provide news, and promote events and merchandise sales to its 10,000 members.