HIP1Huntingtin-Interacting Protein 1
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The chemical is called huntingtin interacting protein 1, or HIP1, and it appears only rarely in healthy tissues and typically in small amounts.
More extensive tests of prostate-tumor cells from 114 patients showed overproduction of HIP1 in 51 percent of tumors that had remained localized and in 70 percent of tumors that had spread beyond the prostate.
The same research group found that colon-tumor cells from 12 of 25 patients showed signs of high HIP1 production, whereas normal colon tissue contained no HIP1.
University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) has patented a family of proteins, including a specific human protein designated as HIP1, has been identified that interact differently with the gene product of a normal (16 CAG repeat) and an expanded (>44 CAG repeat) HD gene.