HIPAHigh Intensity Proton Accelerator
HIPAHeparin-Induced Platelet Aggregation
HIPAHawaii Independent Physicians Association
HIPAHealth Insurance Plan Administrators
HIPAHawai'i Island Paddlesports Association
HIPAHealth Information Privacy Act of 1999
HIPAHawaii Island Psychologists Association
HIPAHome Improvement Products Association
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Ali Bin Thalith, Secretary-General of HIPA, said the special award recipients had in their own way contributed massively to the art form and industry and were very deserving of their respective accolades.
According to HIPA, the full list of photographers featured in the exhibition will be announced "soon.
It reflects the goals of HIPA, to extend the boundaries of photography and celebrate images of unusual beauty and quality that are truly outstanding," said Ali bin Thalith, the general secretary of the award.
For the ECJ, the HIPA can therefore be sufficiently distinguished from VAT to be compatible with Community law.
The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, SEC Rule 17a, NASD Rules 3010 and 3110 and the HIPA Act all contain provisions for maintaining security, privacy and non-disclosure of e-mail communications.
Saskatchewan's HIPA allows the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (or a prescribed person) to create "comprehensive health records," which compile personal health information from two or more "trustees" (defined as health care providers, institutions, government agencies and others who hold personal health information) (49) to create a full health history for a particular individual that may be accessed by other trustees.
LARGE HIPA BIKINI with a skirt attached to the bottoms disguises a multitude of sins, and you can still go swimming in it.
Contra- * Bleeding * Bleeding * Bleeding indicat- * HIPA positive * Thrombocytopenia * Open wounds ions * Increased liver * Severe function tests.
Allan Rappaport (National Emergency Services): In healthcare, regulation's here, HIPA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
TQ plans have a downside, however: HIPA requires a physician to certify that the custodial care is "medically necessary.