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HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HIPAAHeparin Induced Platelet Activation Assay
HIPAAHeparin-Induced Platelet Aggregation Assay
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HIPAA requires organizations and individuals to protect a subset of individually identifiable health information, known as protected health information, or PHI, that is held or maintained by covered entities or their business associates acting for the covered entity.
The ADA Council on Dental Practice encourages its members to seek clarification from the ADA for questions concerning the security standards or any regulations under HIPAA.
Confusion about the HIPAA regulations has spawned a cottage industry.
On this issue, the HIPAA privacy rule defers to "state or other applicable law.
The HIPAA regulations provide only a floor for patient privacy, not a ceiling.
The "Administrative Simplification" aspect of HIPAA requires the United States Department of Health and Human Services to develop standards and requirements for maintenance and transmission of health information that identifies individual patients.
Providers should certainly be testing--maybe even in their final stages of testing--their transactions and code sets," says Julie Natzke, HIPAA Compliance Committee chairman for MDI Technologies Inc.
For applications such as HIPAA regulatory compliance, the expense and value of disk-based WORM is difficult for medical facilities to justify.
The pool had previously established and funded a paper-intensive operational process and a technical environment that would not have been able to meet the standards required for HIPAA security and transactions.
Privacy Essentials ensures readers are well-primed on HIPAA and ready to jump into the Implementation Guide, which takes up right where Privacy Essentials ends.
HIPAA is comprised of five Titles: Title I: Portability (medical plans only), Title II: Fraud and Abuse, Subtitle F: Administrative Simplification, Title III: Tax Related, Title IV: Group Health Plans and Title V: Revenue Offsets.