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HIPCHighly Indebted Poor Countries
HIPCHigh Performance Computing
HIPCHeavily Indebted Poor Country (World Bank initiative)
HIPCHealth Insurance Purchasing Cooperative
HIPCHosted IP Centrex
HIPCHeterogeneous Interprocess Communications
HIPCHighly Indebted Poorest Country
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He reminds listeners that Liberia has a HIPC point and it has to reach those benchmarks.
Fonchamnyo (2009) observes the results of social and economic performance in sixty low-income countries to evaluate the relative usefulness of the HIPC plan.
"We are proud to note that, for the first time since the declaration of HIPC in 2001 we were able to first, slow down the rate of growth of debt accumulation between 2014 and 2015; and, second, now reverse course, with the debt-to-GDP ratio falling from 72 per cent of GDP at end-2015 to 63 per cent at end-May 2016.
“At this year's HiPC Boston, through working with technology partners Supermicro, CoolIT and ARM, brings together leading-edge technologies to achieve that goal - with high-density, energy-efficient server platforms from Supermicro; innovative, environmentally friendly cooling technology from CoolIT; and ultra-low power processing technology from ARM.”
(6) Cologne terms were created for countries that are eligible for the World Bank and IMF 1996 Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPC).
This is, continuous circulatory hypothermic intraperitoneal perfusion chemotherapy (HIPC) guided by B-mode ultrasound was performed firstly, cytoreductive surgery (CRS) was performed after her ascites was under control and her health condition improved post HIPC follow up.
On the other hand, to provide robust evidence on the relationship between external debts and growth, this paper also estimates the growth and investment model, samples of which are divided into subsamples; HIPC and non-HIPC.
World Bank Country Manager Alexander Kremer expressed regret over refusal of Kyrgyzstan to join the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPC).
Hadramout Investment Power Company (HIPC) is one of the leading power companies in Hadramout governorate which generates 70 megawatt and covers 75 percent of coastal Hadramout.
* Price level (P): It considers the ratio of Lebanon's consumer price index to Euro zone's price index, HIPC, since Europe is the largest destination of tourists, accounting for over half of the world's tourist inflow.
Consequently, the IFIs introduced the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative in 1996, but it was soon deemed inadequate to address African debtors' problems.
Donegal was very much aware of Zambia's likely participation in the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative (5) and pitched its offer to Romania slightly above the amount that Romania would recover assuming Romania provided HIPC debt relief to Zambia.