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HIPCSHosted Internet Protocol Communication Service (SBC)
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With respect to traditional control variables, foreign aid does not have a direct influence on the economic growth of HIPCs.
Hagen, Keleta, Ghebreyesus and Cadet (2004) found that foreign loans of HIPCs have a negative and insignificant impact on the economic growth of HIPCs.
Critics of aid are also critics of debt relief, arguing that the HIPC Initiative will do little for development.
Between 2001 and 2004, combined debt savings for HIPCs from the CDI and Canadian participation in Paris Club treatments have amounted to about $588 million.
28) Thus, even if all remaining debt servicing were cancelled, for a saving of 2 percent of GNP, the HIPCs would still likely need large increases in foreign assistance.
Thus, whereas the theoretical literature develops the argument for an adverse impact of foreign resource inflow on economic growth, the empirical literature estimates these relationships showing that the relationship may be negative and nonlinear in all the developing countries, including HIPCs and others.
Under a strengthened HIPC programme agreed by the G8 group of leading world powers, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund last year, 36 of the world's poorest nations will be released from up to $27 billion dollars (about pounds 17 billion) of debt.
Regulation and monitoring of both CHPs and HIPCs falls under the Insurance Commissioner's jurisdiction, subject to requirements established by the HSC.
States and local governments may establish HIPCs which are required to be non-profit.
The HIPCs would buy from an Affordable or Accountable Health Plan, a government-approved entity that would integrate the provision and insurance of health-care services.