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HIPERLANHigh Performance European Radio Lan
HIPERLANHigh Performance Local Area Network (European)
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HiperLAN uses extra puncturing to accommodate the tail bits in order to keep an integer number of OFDM symbols in 54 byte packets [4].
Hiperlan, "Requirements and Architectures for Interworking between HIPERLAN/2 and 3rd Generation Cellular Systems," ETSI TR 101 9572001.
Circular patch microstrip antenna is widely used in recent wireless applications such as aircraft communications, Bluetooth, HIPERLAN, and medical imaging [1-4].
If the broader coherence principle sought by the Council were applied, WiFi technical specifications could not be recognised in Europe since a standard was invented in the 1990s for wireless communication, hiperLAN. In the ICTs, many standards that assure interoperability are not developed by European standardisation bodies but by global fora and consortia (eg the World Wide Web Consortium for internet standards) because of a limited number of highly specialised experts.
Henceforth, next generation wireless networks will encompass 3G wideband CDMA (WCDMA) cellular systems; wireless local area networks(WLAN) such as the IEEE 802.11 family and HIPERLAN; digital video broadcasting (DVB); and broadband wireless access metropolitan area networks (MAN), such as IEEE 802.16.
The 802.11a WLAN frequency allocation overlaps with HIPERLAN from 5.15 to 5.3 GHz.
Ideal for both short and long distance wireless data and voice communications applications: WLANs, HIPERlan, 802.11a, 802.11b, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Telematics, PCSs, LMDS and Cellular.
It is designed for devices implementing the 802.11a or HiperLAN WLAN standards.
The FLX series connectors feature a sufficiently low profile to fit within the form factor of a type II PC card enabling them to be used to add an RF extension module, such as a Bluetooth transmitter, GSM antenna or HiperLAN port, to the card.
Its RangeLAN5 family, due next year, will be compliant with the open HIPERLAN standard approved for use in the U.S.