HIPERPAVHigh Performance Concrete Paving (software-based prediction tool developed by the Federal Highway Administration)
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For example, if work crews anticipate thunderstorms in the late afternoon followed by a cold front, with HIPERPAV they can determine the effect on the concrete and make a decision to cover with tarps or insulated blankets.
Powerful new modules for HIPERPAV II will predict the early-age performance of jointed plain concrete pavement (JPCP) and its performance beyond the first 72 hours and also the early-age performance of continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP).
HIPERPAV enables field personnel to evaluate the cracking potential of concrete pavements based on a given set of circumstances, which may include placement timing, construction procedures, concrete mixture designs, pavement geometry, and environmental factors.
Several State highway agencies, including the California and Indiana departments of transportation, are considering ways to implement HIPERPAV during their design and construction processes to minimize the potential for early-age cracking in their pavements.
With a wide range of applications, HIPERPAV is used during the planning stage to develop specifications for quality control based on the available materials and climatic conditions of the region where the road-way will be constructed.
"HIPERPAV is a valuable tool for State departments of transportation, counties, municipalities, private owners, and contractors alike," says Steven Healow, pavement and materials engineer at the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) California division in Sacramento.
* COMET software, recently developed for FHWA as part of HIPERPAV II, is a Microsoft[R] Windows-based adaptation of a powerful technique for selecting mixture proportions based on a number of performance criteria.
HIPERPAV is a Windows(r)-based computer program that provides guidance on the design and construction of concrete pavement.
Before HIPERPAV was in use, other pavement predictive models did not account for the complex interactions between the elements involved in each specific project.
Using HIPERPAV, engineers can predict and, thus, prevent uncontrolled cracking during the construction phase (the first 72 hours after placement).