HIPEXHigh Performance Extranet
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Additionally, TPE compounds from the HIPEX family have limited swelling properties, mitigating any significant change in volume, mass and hardness.
HIPEX Full-Chip Parasitic Extraction products perform 3D-accurate and 2D-fast extraction of parasitic capacitors and resistors from hierarchical layouts into hierarchical transistor-level netlists, with node thresholds, using nanometer process technology.
HIPEX provides accurate RC extraction, and in conjunction with Silvaco's Gateway Schematic Editor, Expert Layout Editor and Guardian DRC/LVS, HIPEX completes a physical design flow which we have used to complete many chip designs with first time success," said Louis J.
Silvaco acquired HIPEX source code in 1995 from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).
HIPEX is a chip level extraction and analysis tool, which is used to acquire physically based simulation results and to characterize capacitance and resistance of IC interconnects.
LJCC has already proven that they are a true technology company in the coffee industry by developing the HIPEX brewing vessel.
OTCBB:LJCC) has announced that the HIPEX 7000 Cold Water Extraction proprietary technology used to produce coffee concentrate has certain identifiable qualities that makes the coffee it produces much more tolerable to the stomach and to the body than normal coffee and other competing coffee concentrates.