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HIPHOPHomeless and Indigent Population Health Outreach Project (New Jersey)
HIPHOPHealthy Individual People Helping Other People
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She whose longtime partnership with Timbaland has made major changes in the hiphop community.
In February 2013, the next three CDs will be released every Tuesday beginning on February 5th with the Lounge Party CD, the HipHop Party (Old School) CD comes out on February 12th and then the Dance Party CD hits stores on February 19th.
"We had the idea of doing a hiphop interpretation of a ballet, as we noticed that people were always redoing classic texts like Shakespeare.
Asked how the music has changed from his heyday, Andrew E observed that the sound hasn't changed that much, except that hiphop artists are now incorporating more instruments into their work.
The Bronx based hiphop label has its devoted following of fans anticipating brand new videos, of the single and a couple other songs on the fourteen (14) song full length CD.
It started with 15 youngsters in 2003 and now works with more than 400 each week, on activities including football, basketball, dancing, hiphop, singing and performing arts.
The Hip-Hop Studies Reader (0415969190, $35.00), a hiphop studies reader by a hip-hop scholar and culture critic.
Eminem, below, won best hiphop act, while Coldplay's Chris Martin, bottom, was delighted with the best group gong.
CARDIFF'S vibrant hiphop scene has spawned a fanzine.
They go to a studio that has hiphop classes and eventually find that they can't audition anywhere because they can't do anything else.
We forget that Kanye West is considered to be one of the alltime greatest living hiphop artists already.
The couple showed the world a united front at hiphop legend Timbaland's Grammy party in LA, though the host himself was nearly turned away.