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HIPOHierarchy Plus Inputs Processing and Outputs
HIPOHigh Power
HIPOHigh-Potential (employee)
HIPOHierarchy plus Input, Process, Output
HIPOHessische Intellectual Property Offensive (German: Hessian Intellectual Property Offensive; copyright protection)
HIPOHigh Potential Incidents
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Before you can set up a process for developing those HIPOs, you must first identify who they are.
Researchers and designers who developed and built the HIPO science instrument used FEA analysis throughout the design cycle.
In each case, the corporation aggressively selected HIPO talent and groomed them through a series of challenging rotational assignments.
The report stressed on the need for exposing HIPOs to the "right kind of experiences" to improve their performance through the extraction of this learning experience.
La racion de los hipos se reparte por la manana y es:
This debate rages on, but there is little doubt that energy spent creating the right psychological conditions for HiPos to flourish will yield dividends.
Los leones se la pasan huevoneando en charcos de lodo y los hipos hacen como que rugen.
For the three different organizations, the range was from 33 to 52 percent of HiPos who were assessed to be below average.
As the future leaders of their organizations, HIPOs embody passion, receive special coaching and mentoring, move quickly into new positions, and are expected to deliver superior performance.
Clearly, then, HiPo identification programs tend to fast track many candidates who have little potential for leadership, and this suggests that many HiPos are in fact overrated.
En el corto aliento de la prosa de Coloane, de cuando en cuando se oyen los hipos antiliterarios que lo atragantan y no le dejan respiro para retener las rafagas que pasan ante sus ojos.
El Tata me dejo en el suspenso varios minutos que me parecieron eternos y dijo al cabo: "Dejo una escuela de cancioneras marimachas que falsificaron lo intenso de la cancion con hipos de borrachera".