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HIPPIHigh-Performance Parallel Interface
HIPPIHigh Performance Parallel Processing Interface
HIPPIHigh Intensity Pulsed Proton Injector (physics)
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Our expertise in both HIPPI and Fibre Channel technology, plus our relationships with the major computer and storage vendors, make us a unique solution provider for the network attached storage community," remarked Chris Good, GENROCO executive vice-president and chief technical officer.
HIPPI is a dual simplex, point-to-point interfacing technology which operates bi-directionally at an aggregate of 1600 megabits (200 megabytes) per second.
However, while traditional sequential or shared-memory supercomputers such as the Cray have been able to make good use of the HIPPI bandwidth [Nicholson et al.
Three configuration modes are supported: 1) bump in the fiber, which provides a security firewall between a secure ATM LAN and the untrusted public ATM network; 2) HIPPI gateway, which provides for a HIPPI-to-ATM adapter with cryptographic capability; and 3) S-bus gateway, which provides an OC-12c rate ATM S-bus adapter with cryptographic capability [13].
Thus, a ring has roughly the capacity of a typical cross-point switch found in a supercomputer room that interconnects 8 to 16, 100MB/sec HIPPI channels.
The Ultranet booth at Supercomputing '90 provided networked access to the Cornell National Supercomputing Facility and the entire exhibit floor of Supercomputing '91 was interconnected via a HIPPI network which in turn provided external access to the NSF-NET.