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HIPPIHigh-Performance Parallel Interface
HIPPIHigh Performance Parallel Processing Interface
HIPPIHigh Intensity Pulsed Proton Injector (physics)
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GENROCO HIPPI interfaces are capable of sustaining over twice the actual data rate of competitors' HIPPI or Gigabit Ethernet controllers, offering much lower host CPU overheads and switch fabric latency.
By then, they will probable need th 1-Gb/s capacity of HiPPI. "The latest Canadian satellite, Radarsat, will be in orbit, providing even more resolution to our frustrated meteorologists," he says.
HCH, founded in 1988, was a government funded public hospital run by an establishment that had managed a chain of hospitals on Hippi Island for several decades.
[21] Kangas, M., Hippi, M., Ruotsalainen, J., Nasman, S., Ruuhela, R., Venalainen, A.
SGI already licenses GSN controllers called SuMacs; Super HIPPI media access control chipsets.
The simulation used two 64-processor systems interconnected by 100MB/sec High Performance Parallel Interface (HiPPI) channels.
In the last few years, networks based on the ANSI High-Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) protocol [ANSI 1991] have become very popular in supercomputer centers, and all commercially available supercomputers provide a HIPPI interface.
At the top end is the high-performance parallel interface, HIPPI, which operates at up to 1.6 Gb/sec.
Datatape will install a mass-storage system using ANSI ID-1 recorders operating at 50 MB/sec with a high-performance parallel interface (HIPPI).
Hippi Care Hospital: Towards Proactive Business Processes in Emergency Room Services, 25(4), pp.283-288
The full Blue Mountain uses 48 of SGI's 128- processor Origin2000 servers strung together with HIPPI high performance parallel interface switches, has 1.5 Tb of main memory, and 76 Tb of fibre channel disk storage.
Three configuration modes are supported: 1) bump in the fiber, which provides a security firewall between a secure ATM LAN and the untrusted public ATM network; 2) HIPPI gateway, which provides for a HIPPI-to-ATM adapter with cryptographic capability; and 3) S-bus gateway, which provides an OC-12c rate ATM S-bus adapter with cryptographic capability [13].