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HIPPIEHelper In Promoting Peaceful Individual Existence :-)
HIPPIEHumboldt Institute for Philosophical and Political Investigation and Enlightenment
HIPPIEHappy Individual Person Pursuing Individual Enlightenment
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Ilene English's painful, prefeminist memoir Hippie Chick moves from her naA[macron]ve impulsivity during the freewheeling sixties and seventies to her growth into wisdom.
"And it's what I did when I wrote Hippie, just recounting what I had experienced."
Dozens of Mercedes-Benz mini buses were left behind by Western hippies who arrived in droves in Kathmandu in the 1970s seeking enlightenment.
Backpackers set off on what became known as the hippie trail - through Europe and the Middle East to India, living and travelling as cheaply as they could.
Some of the sculptures present at the gallery were also featured in Jeremy Scott's fashion show also of the same name, "Dirty Hippie." Scott's fashion show was for the Spring and Summer collection.
The Hippie Run is a for profit company that gives a portion of the proceeds of each race to a local charity.
Other luminaries wearing "Hippie Chic'' are Barbra Streisand, our own New Yorker Gloria Vanderbilt, the Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, Janis Jopli n, the Beatles, their wives, Jean Shrimpton and on and on, gorgeous young things in magnetic colors, fabrics and poses.
Hippie describes her project as "a visual display of my argument about whether to find meaning in the hard space of the physical and psychological time, or in an internal realm that is less comfortable to navigate and difficult for me to address verbally." And it's true that these small works seem to alternate between a direct, formal mode of address centered on material and chromatic relationships and a more elusive, private language that may or may not be "readable" to anyone bar the artist.
Kyle was hardly a "hippie" when I met him in college.
It was a world away from the rustic formality of traditional Ibicenco dress but their style quickly became synonymous with Ibiza - so much so Escada named one of their perfume lines 'Ibiza Hippie', inset.
When the original production of Hair, the "American Tribal Love-Rock Musical," debuted in 1967, it jolted audiences with its frank montage of disaffected hippie youth, offering a timely gloss on the generational rebellion roiling in the streets and suburbs beyond.