HIPPSHealth Insurance Prospective Payment System
HIPPSHigh Integrity Pressure Protection System (International Electrotechnical Commission Standards IEC 61511 and 61508)
HIPPSHigh Integrity Pipeline Protection System (International Electrotechnical Commission Standards IEC 61511 and 61508)
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This project draws on the experience of BHGE in large bore, long offset gas fields and incorporates an integrated HIPPS system and positions BHGE as a market leader in this field.
In terms of the process equipment, the gas metering / chromotograph has been installed and the HIPPS and safety shutdowns systems are in transit to the project in readiness for installation later this month.
In addition, HEALTHCAREfirst has expanded the HIPPS code groupings beyond the two identified by Palmetto GBA to include ten additional code groupings that may be subject to audit, based on internal statistics.
In addition, the valve design can be used for subsea HIPPS applications as per API RP170.
Designed in response to customer demand, Dutch valve safety product manufacturer NETHERLOCKS has developed the facility for entirely remote operation of its FAITH Partial Stroke Test (PST) system for ESD and HIPPS valves.
The combined skills and 80 years' experience of the three partner firms will mean they can offer the energy industry a single design and manufacturing facility for HIPPS.
The billing office would need to be informed that the OMRA is replacing the 30-day assessment so it will know to use the HIPPS modifier 28.
Valves used in ESD and HIPPS fail-safe procedures which have not been operated for a long period of time risk becoming immovable due to the actuator and valve seals becoming stuck together.
A: You can either complete an MDS, or bill for one default day with HIPPS code AAA00.
Suggests procedures for picking Reason for Assessment on the MDS that matches correctly with HIPPS Modifier.
Object of the contract includes work on the integration and expansion of existing systems ESD / HIPPS and DCS and the construction of fiber-optic bus.