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HIPSHome Information Pack
HIPSHigh Impact Polystyrene
HIPSHost Intrusion Prevention System (aka Host Intrusion Protection System)
HIPSHide in Plain Site
HIPSHorizontal in Plane Switching
HIPSHost Based Intrusion Prevention System
HIPSHelping Individual Prostitutes Survive (Washington, DC)
HIPSHidden in Plain Sight
HIPSHomeland Innovative Prototypical Solutions
HIPSHigh Integrity Protection System
HIPSHigh Performance Switch (IBM)
HIPSHuman Information Processing Survey (brain hemisphere preference)
HIPSHyperspectral Image Processing System
HIPSHull Integrity Procedures
HIPSHydrographic In-House Processing System
HIPSHave Information Processing System
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There were too many rifles down below there, and rifles had a way of going off from the hip.
I had lost some hair and hide, here and there; the sharp and jagged end of a broken branch had thrust fully an inch into my forearm; and my right hip, which had borne the brunt of my contact with the ground, was aching intolerably.
-- hi!" and the clown crack- ing jokes behind him; and by and by all hands dropped the reins, and every lady put her knuckles on her hips and every gentleman folded his arms, and then how the horses did lean over and hump themselves!
The Yellow Handkerchief hesitated; but I repeated the order fiercely (much more fiercely than I felt), at the same time sending my hand to my hip. Again the Yellow Handkerchief was overawed, and with surly looks he led three of his men aboard the Reindeer.
Some of the Chinese stood in the forward part of the cockpit, near the cabin doors, and once, as I leaned over the cockpit rail to flatten down the jib-sheet a bit, I felt some one brush against my hip pocket.
Five score of head-hunting cannibals on the fringe of the jungle, fifteen Su'u return blacks in the boat, seven black boat's crew, and a solitary white man with a cigar in his mouth, a rifle at his hip, and an Irish terrier bristling against his bare calf, kept the solemn pact of those ten seconds, and no one of them knew or guessed what the outcome would be.
Van Horn, before speaking again, loosened his automatic pistol half out of its holster, and slipped the holster around from his hip till it rested on his groin conveniently close to his hand.
'Hip, hip, hip, and nine times nine, and one to finish with, and all that, understood.
With a regal wave she motioned the young man towards the door, and then with one hand upon her hip she stood in a careless, lounging attitude by the gate, kicking her toe against the wall and listlessly awaiting the return of the driver.
He stroked the hunting knife at his hip. And the man beneath him called to his drowsy guide, bent the rein to his pony's neck and moved off toward the north.
The Killer braced himself with the rope across his hip, and as the antelope tautened the singing strands in a last frantic bound for liberty he was thrown over upon his back.
Therefore, we evaluated the natural course of type IIa hips using Graf's own perspective of physiological immaturity and maturational deficit.