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HIRAHazard Identification and Risk Assessment
HIRAHealth Insurance Review Agency (Seoul, South Korea)
HIRAHealth Industry Representatives Association
HIRAHoffman Island Radio Association (USA)
HIRAHop-Based Integrated Routing Algorithm
HIRAHalf-Impulse Radiating Antenna
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The mess rose joyously as he thrust forward the hilt of his sabre in token of fealty for the colonel of the White Hussars to touch, and dropped into a vacant chair amid shouts of: "Rung ho, Hira Singh
After the shouting had died away Hira Singh rose to reply, for he was the cadet of a royal house, the son of a king's son, and knew what was due on these occasions.
Decidedly Hira Singh's was the speech of the evening, and the clamour might have continued to the dawn had it not been broken by the noise of a shot without that sent every man feeling at his defenseless left side.
Hira Singh started slightly at the sound of the man's pain.
Now where the dickens did you get that knowledge, Hira Singh?
said Hira Singh simply, pointing at the crumpled figure that wept as though it would never cease.
Hira Singh was the last to go, and he looked at Dirkovitch.
Only Dirkovitch's seat, next to little Mildred's, was blank, and little Mildred himself had found Hira Singh's place.
It was the Hira, well named, for she was owned by Levy, the German Jew, the greatest pearl buyer of them all, and, as was well known, Hira was the Tahitian god of fishermen and thieves.
It was at this time that both the OROHENA and the Hira, running in close to the shore, began firing guns and signalling frantically.
Well, one thing was evident: The Hira had been lost.
Managing director Manish Hira says the big advantage of Hira being a local family-owned business is the trust it has built up with clients over the past 35 years.