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HIRESHigh Resolution
HIRESHigh Resolution Echelle Spectrometer (Keck Telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawaii)
HIRESHypersonic In-Flight Refueling System
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Each bad hire can easily cost $100,000 to $200,000.
When it comes to expanding their workforce, nearly 70 per cent of employers in the UAE are planning to hire within the next year, a new survey has found.
Across the United States, financial executives in the wholesale industry are most likely to hire additional staff in the upcoming quarter.
While most of the gain arose from acquisitions, it included like-for-like growth of nearly 10% at its tool hire business.
Begin planning your internship program several months before you plan to hire to determine the type of candidate you're looking for, make contact with universities, determine coursework and any experience requirements, and allow time for marketing the program, interviewing candidates and making final selections.
But Hires fears that Alabama's waiting list will rise again because of the flat-funding of the Ryan White Act, despite 40,000 new HIV infections being reported every year in the United States.
His staff receives 2,000 applications a year and hires about 100 teachers and 400 classified staff members.
Stories like this one--or even worse--are common, which makes one wonder why some HR managers prefer to stay in the dark rather than conduct thorough background checks on job candidates they plan to hire. Some fingers point to shrinking budgets, but that argument doesn't stand up to scrutiny: The cost of recruiting, hiring, training, then firing one person can easily run into the thousands of dollars.
* A CPA SHOULD BE AWARE that for work involving a corporation it is preferable that outside counsel rather than in-house counsel hire the CPA.
That same lasting impression could be made on all summer hires and interns if government employees at every level of the organization made a priority of talking to them, making a personal connection.
The audit consists of requesting copies of receipt logs for resumes submitted, as well as the actual resumes, for recent key hires. CEOs and other key operations executives must then review the resumes and compare candidates' relative capabilities.
Further, employees who are bad hires are often kept on the payroll far longer than they should be.