HIRFHigh Intensity Radiated Field
HIRFHigh Intensity Radio Frequency (telecommunications)
HIRFHospitality Industry Relief Fund
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In conclusion, HIRF in large-scale test space is very difficult to simulate under the condition of laboratory.
Participants were separated according to a median split of Religious Fundamentalism Scale Revised scores into Low Religious Fundamentalism (loRF) or High Religious Fundamentalism (hiRF) groups, with scores falling on the median randomly assigned to either group.
This effort was undertaken to assist the FAA with HIRF measurement procedures and data processing methodologies.
Services include testing to MIL-STD-461 E, RTCA/DO-160E, EUROCAE/ED-14E, Def-Stan 59-41, Multiple-Burst and Multiple-Stroke Lightning, and HIRF testing up to 9500 Volts/meter.
A batch of Embraer E-Jets in operation at 10 airlines from around the world are the focus of a 10-year simultaneous study by the airframer to determine the effects of aging and environment on the high intensity radiated fields (HIRF) and lightning protection features of the aircraft.
A suite of three high-gain, high-power microwave horn antennas supplies high intensity fields for DO 160 HIRF testing.
TMD Technologies has extended its PTC Series ultra-high power pulsed TWT (travelling wave tube) amplifiers, optimised for use in high intensity radiated fields (HIRF) EMC testing.
TU-PM-3-2: Compromising and Optimizing the Design of Special-Purpose Reverberation Chambers for HIRF Testing
TU-PM-OF-2-1: The Role of Safety Margin in HIRF Testing
Other test capabilities on the site include lighting, high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF) up to 5,000V/m and environmental stress testing including shock and vibration, temperature, humidity and salt-spray, acoustic noise and hydraulic fatigue testing.