HIRISHigh Resolution Interferometer Spectrometer
HIRISHigh Resolution Image Spectrometer
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The association between distance travelled per year and episodes of sudden-onset of sleepiness at the wheel emerged already from the HiRis PD study [2].
Hiris. "A Framework for Measuring International Business Cycles," International Journal of Forecasting, (17), 2001, pp.
* Customer and Relational Capital Measurement and Reporting in the Context of Value Creation by Jerry Gerard, Cynthia Hiris, Steve Villani and Alan Wunsche, March 2004.
The abstract pictures came from the Dube and Hiris' (1999) program and were used as comparison stimuli in selection tasks and as sample stimuli in naming tasks.
A Macintosh microcomputer with the software MTS, Version 11.1.3 (Dube and Hiris 1997), presented matching-to-sample trials and recorded responses and stimuli presented throughout training and testing (see Procedure for a description of MTS trials).
Um computador Apple Macintosh G4 programado com o software MTS (Dube & Hiris, 1997) era utilizado para treinar relacoes entre estimulos e testar a formacao de classes de equivalencia; um computador PC HP Pavilion programado com o software Muzamba 1.0 (de Drausio Capobianco, drausiocap@gmail.com) era utilizado nas tentativas de decisao lexica.
MTS version 11.6 software (Dube 1991; Dube and Hiris 1996) was used to control all of the experimental events and record responses.
Reuben, Laliberte, Hiris e Mor (1990) sugerem que escalas de AAVD que avaliam a realizacao de atividades fisicas e sociais podem ser mais sensiveis para captar o declinio funcional do que as escalas de atividades basicas e instrumentais de vida diaria, pois a interrupcao de AAVD pode anteceder as perdas em atividades instrumentais e basicas.
11.6.7 software (Dube and Hiris 1999) conducted the stimulus presentations, delivered the consequences, and recorded the participant's choices.
We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Nancy Grossman who conducted the survey of states' policies; the programming expertise of Christian Brostup-Jensen and Jeffrey Hiris; and the thoughtful input of Pedro Gozalo, David Gifford, Zhanlian Feng, and Susan Miller.