HIRLHangout in Real Life
HIRLHigh Intensity Runway Light
HIRLHospital Infection Research Laboratory (Birmingham, UK)
HIRLHaptic Interface Research Laboratory (Purdue University; Indiana)
HIRLHamilton Institute of Rural Learning (Australia)
HIRLHindustan Inks and Resins Ltd. (India)
HIRLHypervelocity Impact Research Facility
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WILLIAMSPORT RGNL (IPTXKIPT) 4E UTC-5(-4DT) N41[degrees]14 528 B ARFF Index--See Remarks NOTAM FILE IPT RWY 09-27: H6825X150 (ASPH-GRVD) S-65, D-100, 2S-127, 2D-190 HIRL
Add to that the white lights, VASI, HIRL, REIL and the inability to see anything left or right of the "runway" because of the black-hole effect of an island approach at night.
Now, HIRL is looking to branch out into the global market.
Laylo whipped Roel Abelgas, Torre subdued FM Paulo Bersamina, Yap tamed IM Ronald Bancod, while Pascua trounced reigning Asian Hirls titlist WIM Mikee Charlene Suede, one of four females in the 38player field.