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HIRLAMHigh Resolution Limited Area Model
HIRLAMHigh-Resolution Limited Area Model (North-European weather model software)
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It seems that the meteorological model HIRLAM, responsible for modeled boundary-layer wind directions rather than air quality model SILAM, is overestimating the wind shear angle, when downscaling from free troposphere to the surface layer.
In the last 30 years, 5 NWP consortia among more than 30 European NHMSs have been established for the development of operational LAM systems: Aire Limitee Adaptation Dynamique Developpement International (ALADIN), the Consortium for Small-Scale Modeling (COSMO), the High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM) group, the Regional Cooperation for Limited Area Modelling in Central Europe (RC LACE), and very recently the South-East European Consortium for Operational Weather Prediction (SEECOP).
The general aim of our work was to assess the impact of the ASCAT data assimilation into the HIRLAM analysis in case of extreme events such as severe storms.
Note that due to the time, needed for the model calculations (first HIRLAM and then HIROMB) and data transfer, we have an approximately 7 h long time lag in the operational procedure between model calculations start times L x [??]n/L[??] and the calculation of the forecast.
The most widely applied numerical weather prediction model in the Baltic Sea region is the High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM) (Kallen 1996).
Jarvinen of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (Eresmaa et al., 2006) use the High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM) to determine the STD.
The present essay has emerged from a sense of an urgent need for action within European NWP consortia--Aire Limitee Adaptation Dynamique Developpement International (ALADIN), COSMO, and High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM)--in responding to these challenges.
In this research we report on our results of intercomparison of PW estimation by three methods--Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET), Global Positioning System (GPS), and High Resolution Limited Area Model (HIRLAM) during a longer, 4.5-month period, and by four methods--radiosonde, AERONET, GPS, and HIRLAM during a short, four-day period.