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HIROHigh Intensity Runway Operations (airports)
HIROHeads of International Research Organizations (various nations)
HIROHigh-Resistance Open (telecommunications)
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Go Go even tells Hiro to 'woman up' before his San Fransokyo Tech presentation, perfectly encapsulating the female characters' determination, and it is Go Go who spearheads the group's 'transformation': 'Tadashi Hamada was our best friend.
Hiro rejects the offer and there's a mysterious fire that kills Tadashi and Callaghan.
Together, Hiro and his 'Hiro and his T 'walking marshmallow' protector Baymax discover that the fire might not have been an accident after all - setting them on the kind of action path that Marvel fans hunger for.
When his brother dies in an accident, Hiro and healthcare robot Baymax start to investigate, and when they come up against a mysterious villain, Hiro helps to turn Baymax and his brother's four science-geek friends into a high-tech band of wannabe heroes.
Hiro gets accepted in the university due to his impressive application using small robots that could be linked together into any arrangement.
Hiro, a teen robotics expert, becomes one of the founders of a superteam, a gathering of unlikely and hesitant defenders hailing from the amalgamized city of San Fransokyo.
The development of certain characters feels incomplete -- particularly in the case of Hiro -- but you'll soon forget that dazzled by the film's brilliant animation made to look better manifold in 3D.
With his older brother, Tadashi (Daniel Henney) and their aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph), the 14-year-old Hiro lives in San Fransokyo, a beautifully rendered fusion of Tokyo and San Francisco, full of both nighttime neon and steep-hilled, Bay-area panoramas.
Meet Hiro Hamada, the 14-year-old boy genius who wastes his talents duping opponents at "bot fights", which are illegal robot battles in San Fransokyo's underground.
Even assuming that some of them were really only chapels, that's still an impressive haul chalked up by Hiro Sugawara, a Japanese researcher from Waseda University in Tokyo who came to visit during a heatwave but never let it put him off his scholarly stride.
Takei Hiro is a hikikomori, a Japanese youth who lives with his parents but spends most of his time shut in his room, keeping contact with others to a minimum.
Lead architect Hiro Aso added: "This is a fabulous opportunity to transform this space.