HIROMBHigh-Resolution Operational Model for the Baltic Sea
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Among the Baltic-wide oceanographic service providers, SMHI was chosen as a core provider for Estonia, since their operational model HIROMB has the highest horizontal grid resolution (1 NM).
The operational oceanographic forecast models, belonging to the HIROMB consortium, have been running for the Baltic Sea since the 1990s with the primary purpose of giving short-term (up to 48 or 60 h) predictions of the sea conditions, in order to handle oil spills, storm surges, support navigation etc.
The SMHI version, HIROMB (or HIROMB-SMHI) has been running since 1995 in a pre-operational mode, and since 1999 the model is fully operational [24].
2005, the HIROMB data was downloaded daily, retrieving model results with 48 h forecast length.
2010, which is the same time as upgrade to HIROMB v.