HIRTHitachi Incident Response Team (est. 1998)
HIRTHazardous Incident Response Team (various locations)
HIRTHead Injury Retrieval Trial (clinical trial)
HIRTHigh Intensity Resistance Training
HIRTHurricane Intercept Research Team
HIRTHigh Reynolds Number Tunnel
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'Jan Hirt didn't want to cooperate so it's been a bit nervous between us but at the end I'm happy with everything.'
When it comes to the design of a corporate website, user experience is a major consideration, Hirt says.
Astana immediately set a hard pace in the climb, so much that only Izagirre was able to follow Lopez, Lutsenko and Hirt with 2.5km to go.
The remains of Jews on which Hirt tested mustard gas at the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp near the Alastian city were supposed to have been buried after it was liberated in 1944.
"When an individual's positive self-views are threatened, they may lash out against the source of the threat, compare themselves to others worse off than themselves, or engage in self-destructive actions, such as substance abuse," added Julie Eyink, a graduate student in Hirt's lab and lead author on the study.
Hirt added that "the VW governing body is lacking independence and relevant knowledge.
Hermes executive director Hans-Christoph Hirt said the system for setting executive pay had become "unnecessarily complex."
The pre-game entertainment was by the University of Arizona and Grambling University with Al Hirt, and the national anthem was played by the Universities of Arizona and Michigan marching bands, which also provided the half time entertainment.
Hans-Christoph Hirt, a director of Hermes Equity Ownership Services, an adviser to pension fund investors in companies including VW, said the appointment created a "serious conflict of interest".
In it, Hirt stated his fear to Himmler that soon "Jewish skeletons would be as rare and precious as a diplodocus [dinosaur]," which would put into jeopardy his desire to experiment on the "sub-human bodies," since they were being murdered at such a rapid rate.
The accident happened at the Hirt airfield, near the town of Friesach in the southern province of Carinthia, AP reported.
Additional reporting was by Lindsay Dunsmuir and Sarah Lynch in Washington, Joshua Franklin, Katharina Bart and Oliver Hirt in Zurich.