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HISAHealth Informatics Society of Australia
HISAHome Improvements and Structural Alterations (grants)
HISAHealth Information Systems Architecture
HISAHuman Interaction with Software Agents
HISAHierarchical Intelligent Simulation Environment
HISAHeadquarters & Installation Support Activity
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The HISA grant is available to all veterans with disabilities to make any home improvement necessary for the continuation of treatment, or for accessibility to their home and sanitary facilities.
The following Tuesday Bayones met with Westbrook at the hospital to deliver the HISA grant application.
The intended evolution of the HISA standard focuses mainly on the common services.
Review competitor market shares of affluent and mass market consumers across HISAs, credit cards and mortgage products.
To obtain needed equipment or other benefits such as the HISA grant, a veteran must first have a prescription from a VA or fee-basis physician.
Items such as a bed, patient lift, portable ramp (permanent ramps may be furnished only as a HISA benefit, subject to the applicable HISA dollar limits), or room air conditioners (central air can only be considered under the HISA benefit).
When applying for the HISA grant, it is your responsibility to find a licensed contractor.
Application for HISA is made by completing VA form 10-0103.
Veterans disabled as a result of service-connected conditions can receive a HISA grant in addition to other VA home adaptations grants that range as high as $60,000.
The HISA grant is provided through local VA medical facilities and is often critical to allowing injured veterans to leave the hospital setting and return home.
The HISA Grant Program provides eligible veterans with "home improvements and structural alterations" such as ramps or widened doorways that help ensure they have frill access into their homes' entrance and "bathroom facilities.
The HISA [Home Improvement and Structural Alterations] program provides funding for disabled veterans to make home improvements necessary for the continuation of treatment, home accessibility, or essential lavatory and sanitary facilities.