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HISAHealth Informatics Society of Australia
HISAHome Improvements and Structural Alterations (grants)
HISAHealth Information Systems Architecture
HISAHuman Interaction with Software Agents
HISAHierarchical Intelligent Simulation Environment
HISAHeadquarters & Installation Support Activity
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Around half of wealthy respondents with a HISA have an online-only account 4
The usual suspects hold the leading positions in the HISA market 16
Most wealthy individuals selected their HISA provider based on the interest rate or because they already held a transaction account with the bank 16
Most wealthy clients have not switched their HISA over the last year 20
As expected, most HISA switchers moved for a better interest rate on their money 21
Most wealthy clients are happy with their current HISA provider 22
Figure 5: The majority of wealthy Australian respondents have at least one HISA 15
Figure 6: CBA has emerged as the provider with the largest HISA market share 16
Figure 7: Wealthy individuals are heavily influenced by the interest rate they receive on their HISA 17
Figure 8: The online-only account is the most common product in the HISA market 18
Figure 9: Wealthy individuals turn to financial advisors and family and friends for information about HISA providers 20
Figure 10: One in 10 affluent respondents switched their main HISA in the previous 12-month period 21