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HISBHealthcare Informatics Standards Board (American National Standards Institute)
HISBHarris Interactive Service Bureau (marketing; various locations)
HISBHealth Information Standards Board (American National Standards Institute)
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Asma Al Jarullah HL7 Health and Samir El- Information Masri System Broker (HISB) Marc Stauch et N N al.
The majority of these participants preferred either an intense (52%) or complementary (38%) HISB, with those having a university degree reporting a greater preference for intense HISB.
The analyses were performed at 0.05 significance level.Data analysis indicates that there is no significant statistical relation between gender of people and each component of health information seeking behavior (HISB).
Gavgani, Vahideh Zarea; Qeisari, Elham; and Asghari Jafarabadi, Mohammad, "Health Information Seeking Behavior (HISB): A Study of a Developing Country" (2013).
At Dulwich and HISB, parents are invited to visit the school and discuss what the school can offer.
Waegemann is also chair, American National Standards Institute's Healthcare informatics Standards Board (ANSI HISB) and Chair, ASTM Division on Health Records.
He's out of contract at the end of the month and Hisb boss Jim Duffy has invited him to join pre-season training.
That body eventually became the Health Information Standards Board (HISB), which coordinates efforts among standards setting groups.
We do not have any powers," says HISB's chairman C.
The nine accredited standards developing organizations with voting rights under the HISB represent 3,000 people, but they remain a fraction of those interested in creating standards.
Appavu, Director Financial Control, Cook County Hospital; Chairman, ANSI HISB Publicity/Education/Information Standing Committee
Jeff Blair, IBM Health care Solutions; Co-Chair, Technical Coordination Committee, ANSI HISB