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HISTADRUTGeneral Federation of Labour in Israel (trade union)
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Lingering resentment against the Revisionists because of Arlosoroff and labor issues explains the decision by the Histadrut rank and file, in 1935, to vote down a peace pact secretly negotiated between Jabotinsky and his Labor Zionist counterpart, David Ben-Gurion.
Covenant Between the Histadrut and Clalit Health Fund to Enforce the Rights of Agency Workers - A Cornerstone in Adequate Labor Relations.
According to Article 11, the highest authority to adjudicate in cases of disagreement would be the Municipal Section of the Executive Committee of the Histadrut.
For the very same reasons, Katznelson and Ben-Gurion attempted to involve Zionist bodies - the Jewish Agency Executive and the Histadrut - in financial and administrative responsibility for the university.
This model, which the Histadrut chairman agreed to, is not a privatization model.
Aa The Histadrut was also implicated in another "rip-off", said Mr Hever.
According to him, it was necessary to create a central organization for the yishuv--a Histadrut.
Such political parties included the Histadrut, Hashomer, Haganah, Mapai, Mapam, Progressive Party, Mizrahi, Hapoel Hamizrahi, Augudat Yisrael.
Silver was one of the 24 1 Reform rabbis who signed a 1935 resolution lauding the accomplishments of the Histadrut.
Kindergarten teachers who work in accredited kindergartens supervised by the Ministry of Education belong to the Kindergarten Teachers' Section of the Histadrut Teachers' Union.
Following the previously reported primary organization of the Company's employees under a labor union, in July 2013 the Company received a notice from the Histadrut, an Israeli labor union, claiming the required minimum number of employees for the organization to be recognized as a representing labor union joined the Histadrut.
Gal Hershkovitz, Finance Ministry Budgets Director announced that the deal inked with the Histadrut Labor Federation will cost around NIS 800 million to act out.