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HITHarbin Institute of Technology
HITHang In There
HITHigh In Trial
HITHaldia Institute of Technology (India)
HITHibernation Induction Trigger
HITHazardous Incident Team
HITHeavy Ion Telescope
HITHigh Impulse Thermobaric (weapon)
HITHorizontal Integration Team
HITHealth Indicator Test (military helicopter)
HITHughes Improved Terminal
HITHigh Interest Track
HITHazard Information Transmission
HITHardware Integration Test
HITHeavy Ion Tea (LBNL talk series)
HITHackers in Touch
HITHarpoon Interface Test
HITHyundae Information Technology Inc.
HITTubular Metal Halide-Single Ended (lighting)
HITHuman Interface Technology
HITHome Interactive Technologies (trade show)
HITHeterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer (products by SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.)
HITHigh Intensity Training
HITHigh Interest Target
HITHousing Investment Trust (UK)
HITHuman Intelligence Task
HITHeads of Information Technology (Canada)
HITHome Improvement Time (industry-sponsored public information program)
HITHealth Insurance Tax
HITHigh Intensity Training (weight lifting)
HITHistidine Triad
HITHome Income Team
HITHead Impact Telemetry (Simbex)
HITHealthcare Information Technology
HITHome Infusion Therapy (medical/healthcare)
HITHeadache Impact (Test Quality Metric, Inc.)
HITHeparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia
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Had his modesty not refused the trial, he would have hit the wand as well I.
It shall be as you say," retorted the Forester angrily, "your head for your sauciness that you hit not my target.
One hit a bearing-post of the cloister; another went against the door; while the pointed shaft of another struck the wall.
Now when the son of Lycaon saw him scouring the plain and driving the Trojans pell-mell before him, he aimed an arrow and hit the front part of his cuirass near the shoulder: the arrow went right through the metal and pierced the flesh, so that the cuirass was covered with blood.
and even at times hits out, but Porthos droops his tail and lets them have their say.
This meant longer hours of travel, and Daylight, for good measure and for a margin against accidents, hit the trail for twelve hours a day.
Hit killed him, that's wot hit did, hand hit'll kill some more of us," said James, his lower lip trembling.
But I may come in contact with you," said the other, "if I come too close; and whether I hit you, or you hit me, I shall suffer for it.
The keys of that machine had to be hit so hard that to one outside the house it sounded like distant thunder or some one breaking up the furniture.
He was called Slogger Williams, from the force with which it was supposed he could hit.
Just hit him on the nose every time he rushed, and when he got artful and rushed with his head down, why, the thing to do was to stick out your leg.
Yea, at you, ye dearest ones, did malice ever shoot its arrows--to hit my heart!