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HITECHHealth Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
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But though most agree that the effort to get practices connected to the hospital will continue, some CIOs say HITECH is changing their strategy in other ways.
Clients' file storages contained millions of files; copying such enormous quantity of relatively small files was another problem HiTech Service have solved through intelligent scripting and compressing.
They're using new software, scanners[to digitize paper files], flash drives," said TechInsurance CEO Ted Devine, referring to the new technology healthcare firms are implementing to comply with HITECH.
The HITECH Act is just months old," says Barnes, "but in a very real way, we've been committed to meaningful use now for 13 years, since we were founded.
Compliance and cyber security expert, Ali Pabrai, CEO of ecfirst, a company that specializes in delivering IT services to the healthcare, government and financial industries, will walk participants through the checklist on how companies should correctly address HIPAA and HITECH mandates while leveraging international standards.
Chief executive officer of Attivo Economic Zones Indranil Dasgupta said, "AMRL Hitech City envisages a self-sufficient industrial environment that ensures optimal business and industrial growth for diverse sectors, and higher level of national and global connectivity.
SAFC Hitech is a well-known specialty chemical manufacturer with a broad range of technical competencies and is an ideal partner to help better serve the needs of our customers in Korea.
The HITECH Act also provides for a grace period for compliance with these new accounting requirements, including an extended grace period (until January 1, 2014) for those covered entities that began using EHRs prior to January 1, 2009.
Palmetto Technology Group (PTG), an IT support specialist company headquartered in SC, announced today their involvement with the SCDA HITECH conference in Columbia, SC held on Friday, September 10, 2010.
com)-- Today HiTech Service marks two years of highly successful cooperation with the biggest and most successful producer of collaborative digital workflow solution for enterprises, Eastman Kodak.
HIPAA Essential Combines Secure Technology, Policy & Procedures Management and Analyst Expertise to Cover All Three Facets of Complete HIPAA HITECH Compliance with Roll-in Ready Solution