HITFHealthcare Industries Task Force (UK)
HITFHuman Intestinal Trefoil Factor (endocrinology)
HITFHome Investment Trust Fund (US HUD)
HITFHealth Insurance Trust Fund
HITFHousing Improvement Task Force (US and UK)
HITFHypervelocity Impact Technology Facility (NASA)
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HITF also recommends measures to stimulate a culture of innovation, including the establishment of a new innovation centre and a fund to promote the development and exploitation of new products and procedures.
The HITF report is very significant,' said Wilkinson.
Despite his enthusiasm for the HITF programme, however, Wilkinson knows that no reform of medical technology uptake in the NHS can succeed without the support of doctors and nurses, who will be its end users.
For HITF to bring decisive impetus to the UK's medical technology sector, however, it will have to reach beyond the big multinationals and make an impact on the growing number of SMEs operating in the area.
Diana Hodgins, managing director of European Technology for Business (ETB), a developer of advanced engineering systems for the medical sector, said of the HITF agenda: 'The intention is right and the words sound good, and we should be positive.
He concluded, "Considering the substantial capital requirements and highly-specialized clinical expertise needed for success in most biotech development, HITF seeks to co-invest whenever possible in that sector with strong Western investors.
In addition to HITF's biotech/life science sector investments of N-Gene and Axxima, other HITF companies have also made impressive progress.
Another HITF company -- Adaptive Recognition Hungaria -- has sold its security software technology for instantaneous identification and processing of information on vehicles, documents, people and goods in more than 20 countries, and recently introduced a new high-speed passport reader - magnifying the pages on a screen, showing them also in ultraviolet and infrared light.
Other HITF portfolio companies include -- i-Cell, providing cutting-edge applications and cost-saving technology for mobile communications, which was identified by Deloitte & Touche as "No.
Other HITF portfolio companies include Axxima Pharmaceuticals, founded by world-leading scientists to develop an innovative approach to treatment of infectious diseases.
HITF is initially concentrating in sectors where Hungary has a competitive advantage -- information technology, software engineering, telecommunications, pharmacology, biogenetics and health sciences -- but will opportunistically consider deals in other sectors.
We are hopeful that our new HITF will provide the stimulus for the current generation of Hungarian geniuses to bring their innovations to today's marketplace," added Scocimara.