HITHHole in the Head (fish disease)
HITHHospital In The Home
HITHHockey in the Hood (Detroit, MI hockey tournament)
HITHHow In The Hell?
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You've heard of my Clown and hith dog being thuppothed to have morrithed?'
I with your father hadn't taken hith dog with him; ith a ill- conwenienth to have the dog out of the billth.
"Mamma dear," lisped the little girl, "baby ood have put hith eyeth out."
Search terms used and yield of literature search Subject Search terms Patient experience/satisfaction OPIVA, OPAT, HITH, intravenous or similar parenteral Patient satisfaction/experience Chemotherapy, home dialysis, Studies in other areas home care service Patient satisfaction/experience PICC line/elastomeric pump Studies in other areas Subject Results Patient experience/satisfaction 20 or similar Patient satisfaction/experience 13 Studies in other areas Patient satisfaction/experience 7 Studies in other areas Abbreviations: HITH--hospital in the home OPAT--outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy OPIVA--outpatient intravenous antibiotic PICC--peripherally inserted central catheter Table 2.
AsSayd-1 (new oil field discovery): AsSayd-1, wildcat well (BI-33), located 400 km north of Riyadh flowed 500 bpd from the Hith stringers reservoir and 185 bpd from the Rimthan reservoir.
Baxter Healthcare and MidCentral District Health Board will be running a Hospital-in-the-Home (HITH) seminar in Palmerston North on November 8.
Johnson et al report on hospital in the home (HITH) management following autologous haematologous stem cell transplantation for patients with multiple myeloma or lymphoma.
He gave uth gooth bumpth with hith vithsion of a better America ...
Professor Paul Seawright spent a frightening few months in Afghanistan soon after the war ended, where he was faced hith searing heat,destruction (mainpic) and land mines (above).
The latter unit is also believed to be the major source rock for most of the Jurassic oil in the region and it may have sourced some of the younger reservoirs where the Hith anhydrite is absent or breached by faulting.
You don't think he'th gonna make hith way to' Gertie'th houthe?