HITIHigh Technology
HITIHealth Information Technology Institute
HITIHealthcare Information Technology Initiative (Chicago, IL)
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The new gene knock-in method, which the scientists call SATI (short for intercellular linearized Single homology Arm donor mediated intron-Targeting Integration) is an advancement of the previous HITI method to enable it to target additional areas of the genome.
In Mwaka wa Hiti, he appropriates the proverb 'a man seated can see further than a boy on top of a tree'.
De Mathew sang 'Wituite hiti', talking about a famous politician who vied for a presidential seat.
With the implementation of homology-independent targeted integration (HITI), precise genome editing is even possible in nondividing cells like cardiomyocytes (b).
In addition, as mentioned above, the HITI approach also carries a great promise for precise gene correction in postmitotic cells by using the NHEJ pathway [127].
Entitled 'An Evening of Design & Dialogue', the workshops were led by Emirati designer and entrepreneur Salem Al-Qassemi, and London-based calligrapher and architect Taha Al Hiti, who shared their insights into Islamic design with an audience of London-based designers and students.
In 1997, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research and the Health Information Technology Institute (HITI) drew up the document titled Criteria for the Quality of Health Information on the Internet, similar to that of the Discern Questionnaire.
The new practice, called HITI, is the first successful gene editing tool that can replace damaged genes with fully functioning versions of DNA in adult cells, according to the Salk Institute study, which was (http://www.nature.com/articles/nature20565.epdf?referrer_access_token=NHKfiIWsKMwHho7glUQgpdRgN0jAjWel9jnR3ZoTv0PSasAZRlCWMnedOA8fziNcWwjJcJTCwZJN4e2wC6D6Rcua7_J1gyRbNmcf4fWoFmcRB2xtBtyRVptZ0MmfHX3eZlggyK58k0HZVQmM_eerhiPig-eQk-h6x_pkWd3G-zxFHSrz8vAE4m0NIfY0clxCCV4OXjPLXv4xlGJ37ikjdZUDYYo4vKD5oeqpBSvhatPIqqokPhqU8DzbQdAcNDmmeeWEhNsnvI58-sycUswGOuXLWxLo9iq73F8D25vsQWee8hJT0xl6rjxsMZ6KDao3&tracking_referrer=www.independent.co.uk) published in Nature journal on Wednesday.
Representatives from ASUS, QNAP, EnGenius, HiTi and PLANET unveiled their latest products during the press conference at GITEX 2015 along with several other industry leaders such as Draytek, HTC and Zyxel.
Dans son mot d'ouverture, Hakima Hiti, ministre deleguee chargee de l'Environnement, n'a pas manque de mettre en exergue le parcours prometteur de notre pays dans ce sens, en mettant l'accent sur les mecanismes constitutionnels mis en place, en matiere de protection de l'environnement et d'encouragement du developpement durable, couronnes par les dispositions adoptees de la nouvelle constitution et la Charte nationale pour l'environnement.
Abdulaziz bin Omar Al-Jasser, General President of Meteorology and Environmental Protection and Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mines, Water, & Environment, Hakima Al Hiti.