HITIHealth Information Technology Institute
HITIHealthcare Information Technology Initiative (Chicago, IL)
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Though workers at Air 1 consider implementation efforts to be only mildly successful, many individual Air 1 HITI efforts appear to be effective.
Air 2 appears to have significant opportunity for improving HITI efforts.
As indicated by both individual human issue responses and the overall success and satisfaction responses, significant opportunity exists for improvement of Air 2 HITI efforts.
This objective was achieved through a comprehensive literature review, the identification of nine critical human issues, and the development and administration of an HITI survey and questionnaire.
Current work growing out of this research effort includes a HITI assessment tool and a HITI management simulator.
The HITI assessment tool is a software package that will allow manufacturing organizations to determine the level of their HITI efforts and where they rank in comparison to both average and best-in-class organizations.