HITISHospitality Industry Technology Integration Standards project
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Comtrol's technology has proven effective in linking various systems within thousands of hotels and motels worldwide, making it an ideal platform on which to base the development of a legacy standard," noted Bob Elliott, HITIS Committee Chair and VP of Engineering, Codes and Standards for the AH&MA.
Comtrol and the HITIS project are collaborating to define a set of performance parameters and certification procedures to validate vendor adherence to the HITIS standards.
For more information about HITIS, please contact Robert Elliott at 202-289-3190 or visit www.
Current and historical information on GAMMA and the HITIS project is available through the Internet at www.
This agreement is important both for our industry and the HITIS program, as is recognizes the importance of ANSI accreditation to HITIS and the need to ensure backward compatibility with future development of standards.
Bob Elliott, AH&MA vice president of engineering, codes and standards and chairman of the HITIS Advisory Committee, noted, "HITIS has always been a program by and for the hospitality industry.
I am excited about our future with HITIS and the AH&MA," said Jim Young, OTA chairman.
The agreement will turn responsibility for the Central Reservation System (CRS) standards over to OTA, while HITIS will maintain the responsibility for all standards not involved in the CRS environment.
HITIS will donate its recently completed CRS standards to the
reconciled, HITIS shall be permitted a designated member on
com, which now serves as a testimonial to the capabilities of XML and open standards, and which will enable Newmarket to contribute effectively to further developments in HITIS and OTA standards.
AH&MA's HITIS has been at work for several years developing interchange formats to link hotels' front office, back office and central reservations systems to share information in a common format.