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HITLHuman Interface Technology Laboratory
HITLHuman Interface Technology Laboratory (University of Washington)
HITLHumans In The Loop
HITLHigh Interest Target List
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Four women and 6 men were recruited from the HITL participant pool and were paid $15/hr.
This has led to a study by HITL researchers of the effects of training in navigation before entering a virtual world.
The VRRV team consisted of software designers and engineers from HITL, Educational Technology faculty and students from the College of Education, a cadre of "Van Techs" who did everything from loading and driving vans to giving presentations and demonstrations in schools, plus students and teachers in close to 70 schools.
During the summer and early fall of 1994, teachers who had indicated an interest were invited to HITL in groups of two or three.
(SimTech), is responsible for real-time scene generation and systems engineering at the Army's hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation facilities for missile systems including Apache Longbow, Patriot PAC-3, and ATACMS [P.sup.3]I BAT.
During concept exploration and definition, highfidelity real-time digital models of the proposed EW system could be linked to mission-level models, HITL and OAR assets and human-in-the-loop simulators to provide a high-fidelity, dynamic "test before you build" capability for evaluation of the system under more realistic operational conditions.
Phase II tested' a high-fidelity, real-time digital system model (DSM) of the SPJ linked with HITL terminal threats and a constructive model of an IADS.
The sources explained that the Air Force estimates would only hold true if there were no plans to put the HITL equipment back into service once it was moved out west.
Finally, critics contend that if the DOD recommendations are approved by the BRACC and President Clinton, the plan would put Congress in a "Catch 22." Specifically, a FY95 Senate Appropriations Committee Report has directed the Air Force to study electronic networking solutions prior to consolidating any HITL simulation facilities.
The EC Simulation Evaluation Lab is a HITL facility for system development and integration as well as software support.
Hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) facilities are also being used to verify digital modeling fidelity and to carry out alternative studies.
In order to validate the models, we will have to rely on hardware in the loop (HITL) simulators and field testing.