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HITLHuman Interface Technology Laboratory (University of Washington)
HITLHumans In The Loop
HITLHigh Interest Target List
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In the morning, HITL staff gave presentations about previous work on educational applications of VR, other HITL projects and a more detailed overview of the VRRV program.
Initially, these operated an easy day's drive from Seattle, returning to HITL at the end.
The facility was linked with HITL threats and the constructive model of the IADS using the same threat laydown as the previous tests and controlled by the same scripted flight profile.
The HITL test was initiated and executed to supplement the OAR test, since instrumentation used for the OAR phase precluded accurate time response measurements.
By using ADS early in the development cycle, developers and testers could use a DSM representation of their system in a HITL facility to evaluate performance.
Both the SPJ and SOJ could be dynamically tested in a simulated environment such as the HITL or in the LSTF.
ECM techniques from the jammer are transmitted to the HITL facility or to the ISTF in a digital format and are simulated in RF using the ECM technique simulator.
The upper box in the diagram represents the method in which the SUT can be ADS-tested, a digital signal model of the decoy in a HITL test facility.
Six EW Reliance subpanels have been established, covering open-air ranges, HITL, integrated system test facilities, integrated labs, modeling and simulation and radar cross section.
In this area, upgrades to HITL facilities are being funded to incorporate simulation of advanced flare countermeasure techniques.
A good example of an HITL simulator is the Integrated Defensive Avionics Laboratory (IDAL) planned for development by the Avionics Directorate at WPAFB.
I cannot overstress the importance of HITL simulation to the EC test process and to model evaluation.