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HITRANHigh Point Transit
HITRANHigh resolution Transmission Model
HITRANHigh Altitude Atmospheric Transmission
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* Design Services - using software packages such as HTRI Xchanger Suite, AspenTech EDR & hiTRAN.SP
These parameters can be directly obtained from the HITRAN database.
Barbe et al., "The HITRAN 2004 molecular spectroscopic database," Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, vol.
The PNNL spectra for HN[O.sub.3] are shown together with a water absorption spectrum from HITRAN. The highest observed HN[O.sub.3] amount fraction is 456 nmol/mol for cylinder treatment 1 with 2 [micro]mol/mol [H.sub.2]O added.
Regional transport body Hitrans was granted permission for the PS5 million station in 2017 and it is now just a few months away from expiring, with construction having not yet started.
Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) has lobbied for a station close to the airport for a number of years.
Houghton's innovation programme was rewarded in July with the granting of a UK patent for HiTRANS, its transient dynamic Motor Alternator Set test process, and its commitment to its people was recognised when it won the SME Excellence award at the 2013 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development North East of England branch's Human Resources and Development Awards in April.